Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you cater for?
We welcome children from Kindy to Year 6 at our services.
Do you offer casual care or is it a permanent booking?
We provide permanent bookings to suit all family requirements with weekly and fortnightly options. Casual care is available on occasions and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, With the My Family Lounge app you can log in and view Skooleez OSHC’s availability calendar allowing you to conveniently book a casual session at any time based on availability. For ease of administration, please also use the My Family Lounge app to notify us when your child will be absent. The availability calendar is open for bookings up to four weeks in advance.
How do I pay my fees?
We’ve made it easy for you and have a direct debit process implemented via bank account or credit card. Once you have completed a DebitSuccess form, payments are scheduled each Friday. This can be completed weekly or fortnightly. Account statements are issued weekly and payments are made in arrears. Direct deposit is available upon request.
What do I need to send with my child each day?
A hat and water bottle is required each day. All meals and snacks are provided. During Vacation Care we will advise if additional clothes are needed, in the event of water play activities. We encourage children come dressed in clothes that are suitable for play based activites!
How do I book in for Vacation Care?
Programs and forms are released 3 weeks prior to school holidays. They can be found on the Sign In/Out table within the Skooleez room.
Does Skooleez OSHC follow a curriculum?

We follow the National Quality Framework and My Time, Our Place Framework. We use Journeys within MyFamilyLounge as a secure online portfolio giving you full access to information on your child’s learning and play.

If my child is absent, do I still have to pay?

Booking a routine session means that you are reserving that regular session for your child. Therefore, we do require payment for holidays and absent days. Casual sessions that you have booked require 7 days advance written notice to cancel without cost. This policy is in place because we plan resources to fulfil our educational and national legal requirements dependent upon the number of children booked for a session. Child Care Subsidy is paid for up to 42 absent days in a financial year.

Can I cancel or swap my days in a week as a ‘once off’?

Routine bookings are maintained until you provide us with 7 days in advance written notice to cancel.
Otherwise, you are required to provide 7 days in advance written cancellation notice. Please understand that this notice period is required to coincide with rostering requirements for our Educators and our need, as a quality service, to plan in advance for the consistent care for all children.

What is your Sun Protection policy?

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Too much of the sun’s UV radiation can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Infants and toddlers up to four years of age are particularly vulnerable to UV damage due to lower levels of melanin and a thinner stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin). UV damage accumulated during childhood and adolescence is strongly associated with an increased risk of skin cancer later in life (Cancer Council Australia).


Skooleez OSHC will work in compliance with the National SunSmart Program to ensure children’s health and safety is maintained at all times whilst at the Service. This policy applies to all activities on and off site.


Sun protection is required when UV levels reach level 3 or above. Our Service will monitor the UV levels daily.

Educators, children, and visitors are required to wear sun safe hats at all times they are outdoors. Children without a sun safe hat will be asked to play in an area protected from the sun or they may be provided with a spare hat.

When outdoors, staff and children will wear sun safe clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible. Cancer Council Australia recommends clothing that:

  • covers the shoulders, back and stomach.
  • is loose fitting such as loose-fitting shirts and dresses with sleeves and collars or covered neckline.

Children who are not wearing sun safe clothing will be required to play under shade or in an area protected from the sun or provided with spare clothing.

As per Cancer Council Australia recommendations:

  • Staff and children will apply SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every 2 hours or more frequently if washed or wiped off.
  • Where children have allergies or sensitivity to the sunscreen, parents are asked to provide an alternative sunscreen. A record of any allergy must be provided in writing from the parent/guardian and recorded on the child’s enrolment record. Cancer Council Australia recommends usage tests before applying a new sunscreen.